Saturday, September 24, 2005

Stuck on stupid.

NB: As of Friday MID-DAY, the freeways out of Houston were clear. But here are a few notable phrases from the AP's "national writer" in a story that appeared on the web Friday EVENING:
Panicked drivers ... a spectacular, deadly bus fire clogged traffic near Dallas], and freeways were red rivers of taillights that stretched to the horizon. ... an age of terrorist danger and with [MSM-fueled] memories of the nightmare in New Orleans ... Thousands of drivers [most of whom DID NOT NEED TO BE ON THE ROAD] ... extreme heat, out of gas — as gas trucks, rumored [rumours spread HOW??] to be on the way ... never came. ...frustrated, angry and growing desperate, [which explains the massive outbreaks of road rage... oh, wait. Reports of people sharing food and water in line, giving each other gas? Doesn't fit the narrative. Carry on.] scattered and stranded ... monster storm .... etc. etc. etc.
Media hysteria? naaaaaahhhhhhh......

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