Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why Mommy is a Moonbat

Detroit Pete sent me a link to this bit of leftist drek. At first I thought it was a spoof. But it seems not to be. Where to begin?

"Democrats make sure we share all our toys, just like Mommy does" - including the very special toys that we thought were just ours, because Democrats don't believe in owning personal property. Everything belongs to everybody, and that couple in the background (who look a bit like Al Franken and Teresa Kerry) should feel really bad about not sharing their cigar and poodle with the man sitting on the park bench.

"Democrats make sure we are always safe, just like Mommy does." Safe from elephants walking through the park, that is. But crazed madmen who want to kill you? Mommy will dialog with them, because after all, their worldview is just as valid as ours. We mustn't be judgemental like those naughty Republicans. After all, a suicide bomber is the poor man's cruise missile.

"Democrats make sure children can go to school, just like Mommy does." Yes. Mommy packs an apple and a carrot into Junior's bookbag, while in the background Mr. and Mrs. Franken celebrate the graduation of their son from a school with an admission fee of $160,000 while the man in the ball cap and trenchcoat from the park bench looks on wistfully. Of course, since here in FairyStoryLand the Democrats are running things, there's no guarantee that you'll learn anything in school, because the teacher's unions have removed all accountability. And there's little likelihood of you getting a job after graduation, since they've taxed small businesses out of existence.

Cheer up, dear. You can always move to Madison and write fairy tales


Pete-Detroit said...

NICE title!

pgepps said...

"...then ya better turn her in."


Yeah. Love the nasty Repugnant elephant bit. But by all means, let's dialogue with the underprivileged cruise missiles!

If we gotta go, let's go down TALKING!

Not one of the more resonant slogans available, now is it?

Paging Cindy,

Corrie said...

"Republicans don't force your to share the fragile, expensive toys your bought with your own money with your baby brother who will just chew on them, just like Daddy. They get age-appropriate toys for babies.

Republicans make sure you learn how to protect yourself, just like Daddy.

Republicans encourage you to study hard in school so you can give something back to the world, just like Daddy.

Republicans believe that the world does not owe you toys, an education, or a living, just like Daddy. And just like Daddy, Republicans believe that what you work for, you deserve to keep."

upyernoz said...

hey corrie, FYI