Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Apology accepted

The Liberal Avenger and I have some sharp differences, but he showed class in this case. Wish I could say the same for some of his blog-mates, but that's their problem.
UPDATE 2/16. Their webadmin sgo (who I had thought was a decent fellow) decided to label me a spammer and block my IP. Life goes on. Speaking of which, I'm waaay behind in my liveblogging of Acts...


John said...

Corrie, thanks for visiting!

And yeah, you have a great looking blog too. ;)

Yes, LA seems like a fine, good-hearted, fellow, but some of the others there...

Sirk seems to reserve a special contempt for Christians.

Today, I noticed that none of my comments were getting through over there.

Did they decide to resort to "reviewing" before deciding to post, or does that indicate that I was banned?

Anyway, your comments there indicate that it hasn't been lost on you that the initially gradual but now accelerating attempt to control the message by shooting the messenger, censoring unwanted opinions, and now withholding comments pending review (if not banning) flies in the face of everything liberals say they stand for (e.g. diversity, tolerance, Freedom of Speech...).

What is astonishing is the apparent utter lack of self-awareness as to the hypocrisy and sheer double-standards.

Recall how much text was used to scream about how the administration/Republicans/conservatives/Christians were so allegedly guilty of engaging in that very sort of intolerant, hateful, judgmental and vindictive behavior.

e.g. "Oh, the whole Plame Affair is about how the Bushies retaliate and punish anyone who goes against the party line!"

It's projection.

And I noticed that the most fevered censoring (the "scratcher") is impulsively reached for not to erase any ad hominem attacks, but very strong, indisputable points, so consider Sirk's compulsive and petulant use of it as a compliment (as I do).

*Mere Christianity* is a great book.

Lewis should be canonized.

John said...

Well, looks like I'm officially persona non grata at the Liberal Avenger.

Corrie said...

The "hunting accident" posts *were* getting a bit repetetive, you gotta admit. But still, they DO have a fine double standard.

I wonder if *I* got banned again. I've been tossed out of a couple of bars (once for being the target of a drunk's wrath, the second for busking), but this is the first time in my life I've been tossed off a message board - and I've been using boards since the days of dialup BBSs.

Sirk reminds me of Bucky Kat in the comic strip "Get Fuzzy", only not as smart. It must be really terrible to be him.

John said...

Yeah, they were repetive, but no worse than the endless nitpicking and speculation on something that was just a...well, you know.

I'm not familiar with "Get Fuzzy." I'll Google it and check it out.

I thought they let you back in?

John said...

lol Yeah, Bucky is Sirkesque.