Thursday, March 02, 2006

NT06 - Heb 2 - The best Big Brother ever!

Hebrews 2 contains an amazing promise: Jesus considers us who believe in Him to be his brothers.

Some syncretists (folks who want to mash all religions into one) use this as "proof" of the notion that "we all are (or can become) gods/God."

I think that's a silly interpretation. Brothers (and sisters) are individuals. They are not the same person - not even identical twins. They are different. I've got two boys. While you can easily see the family resemblance, they are each unique.

We also have several friends who are adoptive parents. Especially, children who are adopted into a family may be very different from their siblings.

While they clearly do not share the same nature, they do share equally in the love and support that the family provides, and they will share in the inheritance. And what an inheritance!

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