Thursday, September 21, 2006

Friend of the devil...

A third-rate two-bit tinhorn commie dictator calls the leader of the Free World "el diablo" while the assembled UN "diplomats" laugh at his pathetic attempt at stand-up comedy.

Watching the video, I was reminded of nothing so much as the classic film clip of Benito Mussolini standing on a balcony adressing a crowd. He's jutting his chin out, nodding his head in self-approval and gesturing towards himself as if to say, "Yeah, baby, give me the love, I'm so wonderful, hmm, hmm."

Chavez looks a fair bit like Mussolini, don't you think?

You do know what happened to Il Duce, right?


Jeroen Arendsen said...

Did you read Chomsky's book? Have you any knowledge of the US record in Central America? What have the Venezuelans ever done to harm their neighbours or the US, other than not wishing to bend over and be xxxx by them?

Corrie said...

I've read enough Chomsky to know I don't need to read his latest. I can smell a rotten egg, I don't need to eat it.

Yes, the US did some lousy things in C.A. back during the Cold War. That was then (JFK and LBJ); this is now.

I have no problem with Venezuela. I don't like the Mussolini wannabe who's running the place.