Saturday, February 10, 2007

A day late and a dollar short, as usual

Click the link above and listen.

Oh-ay. Did that?
Good. Now, I know, it's Far Too Late (i.e., > 30 seconds) for me to have any effect on that particular conversation, but...
  1. I LIKE Barney, hokay? Barney is Nice (as opposed to Niiice). You grok the difference, eh?
  2. I learned some really useful stuff from a wannabe ethnomusicologist. So I got no gripes on dem, yaknow? Hokay.
  3. I put a World Music course online, an' it seems t'be doing reasonably well.
  4. Zither an'bone flute, hit can work, maann...


Sometimes music needs to be used as a weapon of mass irritation.

Ask me about Pete and the laundry, hokay?

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