Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Digital Identities

"Glassbeed" has an interesting post about Kids and Digital Identities today.

I originally had several online IDs in order to keep professional, personal, and political commentary separate. I was concerned that prejudice about my personal views might color people's perceptions of my professional capabilities.

I quickly realized that it was far too much work to keep them totally separate. If someone takes a dim view of my professional contributions because they don't like the way I vote or worship, that's their problem.


MountainLaurel said...

My identities have been merging as well. I sometimes wonder if it's a good thing.

And SkyDaddy, your political views and mine are polar opposites. (Actually, perhaps light-years away). Yet I enjoy reading your professional thoughts and appreciate the collegiality we've developed. I hope you feel the same even thought I'm a moonbat. :-)

SkyDaddy said...

Ah, but you're not a *barking mad* moonbat, and therein lies the difference. :-)

Reagan and Moynihan were fierce opponents when it came to policy and legislation, yet great personal friends. As "neocon wingnut" Hugh Hewitt is fond of saying, there's a world of difference between opponents and enemies.

Would that more people realized that.

MountainLaurel said...

True. I think that too often we forget that, especially since a lot of the commentators on both sides are so filled with hate. you get angry and I get angry about things we see. But the positive thing is that we don't let our anger degenerate into hate. And that, I think, is the difference.

Happy thanksgiving!