Thursday, April 17, 2008

A postcard from Twitter

Todd Jordan (aka Tojosan) is one of the smart people who think in public whose brains I subscribe to via Twitter.

The other day he tweeted an offer of a postcard to the first ten people who responded via DM. I couldn't DM him because he didn't also follow me, so I tweeted @him directly. (If you use Twitter, you'll understand what I just said. If you don't use Twitter, you probably think my rye toast was tinged with ergot.)

He was good enough to immediately follow me, so I DMed him my work address.

Today, I came back from somewhere on campus to find a postcard propped up on my keyboard. I'd post a scan of it, but I'm at home right now and the postcard is at work. (Lame excuse, I know.)

Here's the point, though:

Forget Soylent Green. The Internet is People!


Tojosan said...

I love your conclusion and reference to Soylent Green! Great statement.

Thanks for the plug. But more than me, the Internet isn't just about marketing and pron. It's about folks like you and me, and community as well.

So glad the card made it. :)

Jeff Greathouse said...

Now, I need to read more and am wondering ... what is the postcard.

Jared M. Stein said...

PLE is People has been our rallying cry for the last couple months (even though we also inter-argue about how true that statement really is):