Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Veto #1

President Bush uses his first veto to kill a bill allowing expanded federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

He's not running for re-election, so the charge of "pandering to the base" doesn't work.

Maybe he really is a man of conviction.


tim said...

From an editorial in the Kansas City Star, one of the more conservative (if there are any) major papers in the US. These thoughts are echoed by most everyone.

"Stem cells derived from embryos are thought to be able to develop into the building blocks for any body part. Scientists think they could be used to repair damaged hearts and spines, and to cure many fatal or debilitating diseases.

Though many conservative senators and House members support expanding the research, Bush said it “crosses a moral boundary,” because it destroys human embryos. He used babies produced from surplus embryos as a backdrop while announcing his veto.

But Bush’s stance ignores the reality that many surplus embryos are created in virtually every in-vitro fertilization procedure. Some are destroyed, and others are discarded. About 400,000 have been frozen indefinitely.

It’s a stretch for the president to say that use of these embryos for lifesaving research breaches a moral line, when the creation and destruction of embryos is part and parcel of in-vitro fertilization."

I hate the slippery slope argument, it's what liberals use to justify support of 3rd trimester abortions, which is ridiculous. Can't we just have some common sense on these things? These stem cells are going to be destroyed regardless of whether we use them or not.

To me it's just another issue to rally the troops around, divide us into 'good' and 'evil' but that really has no impact or importance in furthering the cause of Christ.

Corrie said...

The creation of embyos is part of in-vitro fertilization, but their destruction is not. The "surplus" embyos are frozen. They can be thawed and implanted. A fair number of couples have adopted such embryos, and some of them and their children were with the President when he vetoed the bill.

A human embryo - frozen or not - is a human being. A unique individual. It may live, it may dies, but to carve it up to use its parts in medical experiments is beyond gruesome.

Why does it make sense to destroy a "potential" life (as pro-abortion folks refer to the unborn) an a quest to find a "potential" cure?