Saturday, January 19, 2008

b-duh, b-duh, b-duh....

Call my mind officially blown. Scrape up the grey matter and reassemble, please.

Backstory: Susan Reynolds is a blogger who's battling breast cancer. She's active on Twitter. (oh, look it up!) A community of Twittering supporters has materialized over the past few months.

Somehow a TV producer got wind of the story and decided to do a story on Susan.

Tonight, someone on Twitter suggested creating an online map of folks who support Susan to show to the TV folks.It took about fifteen minutes for someone to do it.

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Call me yndy... said...

Blogger ate my last comment!
I'll try again...

You really have to give all the credit here. All I had to do to set up the account was go to the site, click a few links, tweak a few settings and put out the URL.
Their interface is what is so slick.

The beauty of Web 2.0 social networks is that you can put out the word regarding a need for a solution to a problem and *someone* you know may know just the solution.

Anyhoo - glad you're along for the ride!