Monday, January 14, 2008

Podcast with Clay Burell on helping students build Personal Learning Networks

“Quick In, Quick Out” Podcast: PLN Class Design Discussion with Cleveland, Maryland, NYC, Qatar, and Seoul

Wow. I happened to be on Twitter at lunchtime. I noted that minutes before, a fellow I had recently started "following" (because another of my Twitter contacts replied to him, and I liked what I saw) asked for folks to join him in a quick Skype call to talk about the class he's teaching on Personal Learning Networks. I finally installed Skype just last week in order to chat with a couple of other Twitter folk, I had a few minutes, so what the heck - I looked Clay up, added him to my (very short) contact list, and called him.

The 40-minute spontaneous conversation that ensued spanned the globe - literally. I'm no expert in Web 2.0, but via Twitter, RSS,, etc., I can subscribe to the brains of people who are. This stuff is really amazing. You gotta try it.

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Clay Burell said...

Enjoyed it immensely, and you'll note that listeners were struck by more than one memorable way you phrased it.

We'll see how it goes - thanks much for the help.