Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Harari assasination an AQ operation?

This is pure speculation, but is it possible that the assasination of Lebanese leader Hariri was carried out not by Syria but by Al Quaeda operatives? Here's the logic: AQ wants to provoke a holy war between dar-al-Islam and dar-al-Harb. They're finished in Afghanistan. The Iraqi insurgency is on the rocks, with the successful Jan 30 elections followed by Sunni admissions that sitting out the elections was an error. Peace may be about to break out between Israel and Palestine. Iran is under pressure from within, as is Saudi Arabia and Egypt. AQ desperately needs a new rally point. Hariri's assassination would naturally be blamed on Syria. That would get Assad's back up, if he's really innocent. The Iranian mullahs step up to support their fellow despot, and suddenly AQ once again has brave Islamic fighters defying the armed might of the West.

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