Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Lileks is wrong - again

James Lileks didn't like "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow". You'd think that someone so deeply enamored of film noir would love this cg Saturday-matinee serial. What's not to like? It has Deep Shadows. Hulking Architecture. A Dangerous Dame. A Dashing Hero. An Evil Villian. A wisecracking Sidekick. Robots. And perhaps most importantly, Zeppelins. Docking (as was originally intended by the architect) at the top of the Empire State Building. So what if they're all (except for a handful of actual human actors) computer-generated? it is, after all, the World of Tomorrow!


alias420 said...

Actually, if you read above his Homer Simpson graphic, he explains the Homer picture is the "opposite for the CPH."

The CPH is what he uses to show disdain for a film. Homre, then, shows that he did like the film--as you believed he should have.

Corrie said...

Well, I sort of thought that maybe that might be the case, but given that Homer is generally not enthusiastic about much other than doughnuts and beer, it wasn't real clear. Besides, it gave me a reason to write about the movie and needle Lileks at the same time. (I'm a big fan of James, so of course I relish any opportunity to poke at him.)