Thursday, February 24, 2005

Revisioning education? Part 2

I'm about halfway through Doug Kellner's article, and I'm not seeing much that's new.

So far it seems to be more a political screed than a vision for the future. He spends a lot of time rehashing radical reformist ideas from the 1970's, and repeatedly states or implies that the true, highest purpose of education is to inculcate revolutionaries who will rise up and subvert the opressive hegemonic elites of the dominant industrial culture.

He makes a couple of good points, such as the fact that mainstream media enculturates subliminally, and that merely installing computers and network connections will not solve social problems - solid pedagogy is also required. (Oddly, in a footnote he then praises the Clinton administration for installing PCs and net connections and castigates the current administration for focusing on demonstrable pedagocical methods.)

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