Thursday, November 03, 2005

An even more insignificant protest

A few weeks ago, perhaps as much as 100,000 people marched in Washington to protest the war in Iraq, the existence of the state of Israel, global warming, etc. I noted then that it was statistically insignificant, since the marchers represented at best 3.3% of the population - a fringe movement by any definition. Today, about 9,000 students cut classes nationwide to protest the war in Iraq.

That's .003 percent - 1 in 33,333. If the population were the bloodstream, and the protestors were alcohol, the nation would not only be legal to drive, a blood test wouldn't even pick it up.


peterp6 said...

Clever analogy, Corrie.

Something isn't right, though, with the percentage of protesters in the first march. If the entire US population is 300,000,000 and there were 100,000 protesters, the percentage of protesters to the US population is an even less impressive .033%!

Corrie said...

Thanks. I was generously granting that each protestor represented 100 folks who agreed with their strong oppposition to the war bu who didn't make the trip to DC.
Still and all, fringe is fringe is fringe.