Friday, November 18, 2005


The House GOP is growing a spine. They're forcing a vote on Murtha's irresponsible resolution to cut and run in Iraq. With a GOP majority, the resolution will fail, of course. The only question is by how much. Democratic Representatives will have to decide whether to break with their party by voting for Murtha, or break with their base by voting against him.

Any Republican foolish enough to vote for surrender, of course, will be out of a job next election.

Break out the Orville Redenbacher's - this is gonna be good!


The Liberal Avenger said...

Wingnuts hate Murtha because they're afraid of the truth.

Corrie said...

Oh, LA...

First, thanks for dropping by.

Second, did you ever decide which story about your dad was the real one?

Third, the TRUTH is, we're winning. Zarqawi is on the run. AQ is unraveling. The Iraqis have voted twice in the face of danger, and they'll vote again in a few weeks.

Murtha is a good man. But good men can have bad ideas.