Friday, November 18, 2005

How to grow a spine

#1. Dump Frist
He's in love with the idea of being in the Senate. He sees himself as a modern-day Byrd (as Byrd imagines himself to be). I like the idea of a Senate, too. Deliberation and all that is not a bad thing - the founders had a good idea. And the asbestos thing was overblown- Frist was talking to the National Association of Manufacturers, and the asbestos litigation issue is HUGE in their world.

But still. Frist has demonstrated time and again that he'll sacrifice party, principle, and President for precedent. Get him gone.

#2. Get Delay back on the mound
Or at least coaching from the bullpen. Back in the game somehow.

#3. Schedule an up-or-down roll-call vote on an IMMEDIATE withdrawal of troops from Iraq. No amendments. Bring it on, let's git'r done, as they say.

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