Monday, November 28, 2005

Rall and Trudeau spit on the troops

Garry Trudeau's latest series has wounded Iraq vet B.D. (sans helmet) suffering flashbacks and drinking heavily. The excerable Ted Rall, a far less accomplished artist* and commentator, goes further, insinuating that returned vets are all ultra-violent nutcases, at least as regards their sex lives. (ht - Michelle Malkin).

Thank God for Chris Muir, who can actually draw, and for Michael Yon, who gave us the photos of the jaw-dropping babes gracing the arms of the redoubtable warriors of the Deuce Four (can't WAIT for that new Bruce Willis flick!).

Rall really needs to see somebody about his sick fantasies.

* The airplane Rall has dropping bombs on the girlfriend's house (to break off the relationship) looks like it has the aft end of an F-4 or F-101 (with the horizontal stabilizer removed) and the front end of an F-105. The wing looks a bit like that on an A-4.

All of those are obsolete, long-retired, Vietnam-era aircraft.

Kind of like the Left's tired, tired "Vietnam" meme.

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