Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Light posting this week; I'm really slammed at work and home. But I could not resist this gem: Jonah Goldberg on Dan Rather and Big Media on National Review Online:
"Well, if you agree with Rather, maybe you should give just a smidgen more slack to George W. Bush about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Bush's sources were more solid by several orders of magnitude than Rather's, and yet it is 'obvious' to so many that Bush lied while Rather deserves the benefit of the doubt. George W. Bush had the head of the CIA, the intelligence agencies of all our allies, the Clinton administration, the United Nations, and most of the establishment media generally backing his understanding of the threat from Iraq. Dan Rather had a couple shoddy Xeroxes - not all of which were examined thoroughly or at all. He interviewed a partisan - Ben Barnes - a huge backer of Kerry whose story has changed several times. But because many who hate Bush believe he lied, they are willing to believe any lies that confirm what they already know to be true. "
This is very true, but how many of the rabid "Bush Lied" crowd will agree? My guess is not very many, not many at all.

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