Friday, September 10, 2004

The superior pilot...

...uses superior judgement to avoid situations that require the use of his superior skill. Yahoo! News - Bush Piloted Guard Trainers Before He Quit Non-pilots may view a missed approach as a sign of poor skill, and that's clearly the attempt of this lame smear attempt. As I pilot, I practice go-arounds regularly. Sometimes the wind shifts on short final, or you don't get lined up or stabilized properly, or something else happens. Only a fool tries to salvage a lousy approach. Cob the power, go around, and try it again. In particular, instrument pilots practice missed approaches all the time - if you descend down to the minimum approach altitude and still don't see the field, you declare a missed approach and go around. Kerry's a pilot - somebody ask him whether HE ever executes a missed approach. Oh, that's right, sorry. Kerry doesn't take questions these days. BTW - Since we're looking at Bush's service records in such incredible detail, where are Kerry's?

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