Friday, September 03, 2004

General Franks on PBS before Bush's speech

Saw the Franks interview with Jim Lehrer and Mark Shields etc. on PBS. Shield's attemps to get Franks to get on board with the Swiftvets were laughably transparent. Franks aquitted himself extremely well. He cited a scene described in his book when he was home from Vietnam and his Dad came in while he was putting medals on his uniform in preparation for his next duty assignment. "Lot of medals you have there, son," said the elder Franks. "Well, Dad, over there they hand 'em out in Cracker Jack boxes." "Oh, I'm sure that's not true," replied the father. General Franks continued, (paraphrase) "But that's the sort of thing we - most people - did. That self-deprecating thing, not making too much of it." Ka-POW!! And now, let us move beyond Vietnam and look to the future.

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