Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Protesters Disrupt Convention Youth Gathering

Yahoo! News - Protesters Disrupt Convention Gathering Ah, yes...there's nothing like being rude and obnoxious - not to mention committing assault and battery - to score political points. I suppose they've got a right to sneak into the convention under false pretenses. Interesting that there were no reports of Republicans doing the same thing a few weeks ago in Boston. Hey Al Gore - would you characterize this as "brownshirt" tactics? And what's with their messages: "Bush Kills" and "Bush Drop Global Debt Now." The former is somewhat understandable (if deeply misguided - imagine wearing a "Saddam Kills" shirt in Baghdad a couple of years ago), but what "global debt" is Bush supposed to "drop?" But hey - they're Bravely Speaking Truth To Power. yaright.

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