Monday, September 20, 2004

swaggart, the kkk, gays and eugene volokh Swaggart, the Klan, gays and Eugene Volokh Paul at notes:
Eugene Volokh says televangelist Jimmy Swaggart is "unclear on the Ten Commandments" because Swaggart said he'd kill a gay man who might look at him funny....I wonder if Volokh would feel differently if Swaggart said he'd kill a Klansman.
He asks if anyone can explain how these view can be reconciled. It's not crystal clear? Gays are a Protected Class of Oppressed People. Not only is it unChristian to say you'd kill one*, it's a crime punishable by fine and imprisonment to commit the thoughtcrime of failing to endorse their choice of behavior. The KKK, on the other hand, are Hateful Bigoted Oppressors whose intolerance must not be tolerated. It's doubleplus good for ungood things to happen to them. Perfectly consistent. /satire *it is, of course capital-double-you WRONG to say you'd kill a man for looking at you funny, (not to mention idiotic to think you could lie to God) BUT I hesitate to say it, because a. it's utterly self-evident to anyone but the most deeply deluded postmodernist and b. I deeply resent Volokh's implication that silence implies assent. Also, Eugene seems to be unaware that "kill him and tell God he died" is a Southern colloquial expression, not a literal threat of using deadly force. The South is the Bible Belt, where children are raised on the tales of Cain and Jonah. You can't lie to God, and everyone knows it. That doesn't excuse Swaggart, but it may explain him a bit. Not too many serious Christians take him seriously, anyway.


Wally said...

There's a really interesting discussion going on regarding Swaggart's comments at Joe Carter's Evangelical Outpost:

Yes, there's some noise, and it gets snarkier the further you go, but overall a stimulating read.

Corrie said...

I've gotten rooked into a couple of discussions with some of the regulars there from time to time. At the moment, I've no time, though.