Saturday, September 11, 2004


Yahoo! News - CBS Defends Report on Bush Guard Memos - But AP casts doubt on CBS's defense! The bell tolls. Rather's 'expert' is a handwriting expert, not a typeface expert. He has no street cred to comment whether the documents were produced on 1972-era hardware. Zero. Zip. Nada. Dan also ignored the family of the now-deceased Lt Col (who in other, indisputably-authentic documents praised Lt Bush), who say that Col Killian didn't keep files, period. Never mind how stupid it would be to write a memo implicating yourself in 'sugar-coating' someone's record. Where did Dancin' Dan get the memos, when, and under what circumstances? And since we're dissecting GWB's records from 30 years ago down to the individual approach-to-landing, where is John Kerry's form 180? Fair is fair, right?

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