Friday, September 17, 2004

Tears in my eyes

My old buddy Wally (we once arranged a marriage between our children) has a new blog. Wally's a songwriter. I sing and play guitar. He's just added a new song to my repertiore. A teeny taste: "And we were singing, Bye, Bye, to the CBS Guy, Dishin' whammies in my jammies and refutin' the lies..." Oh, me, oh my.... I DO wish I didn't have so much darned work to do tonight!


Corrie said...


Swift Boats Move On in a summer swelter
The vets piled out of the fallout shelter,
Eight miles high and fallin' fa-a-a-ast.
They slammed and jammed on his ass
Kerry tried for a forward pass
With the jester on the sidelines in the PAST.

Now the July air was sweet perfume
While the hand-picked played a marching tune.
They all got up to dance
Oh but they never got the chance.

As the SwiftVets tried to take the field
The barking moonbats refused to yield.
Do you recall what was revealed,
the day, the Dee-En-Cee, died?
We started singin'...


Wally said...

Oh dear -- I need to start saving for the dowry! Fortunatly, I have ten years or so to win the lottery, so you might actually get something worthwhile. :-)

Wally said...

Record it and send the tape to Captain Ed - he may get the NARN crew to play it on the radio! :-)