Monday, September 13, 2004

Call me Retro, then

New 527 paints Kerry as Metro, Bush as Retro/a> The Captain quoting the 527 site,
On the Retro side of the cultural divide are those who, in response to their conservative religious beliefs, are pro-life and support prayer in the schools, the display of Christian symbols in public facilities, and publicly funded religious social services. The Republicans who represent them in Congress vote for constitutional amendments to ban flag burning, declare the U.S. a Christian nation, allow tax-exempt religious organizations (but not other nonprofits) to engage in partisan politics, and favor limitations on the First Amendment to combat speech and symbols they perceive as pornographic or unpatriotic. Retro representatives support subsidies to oil, mining and agriculture, but they are opposed to women’s rights, gay and lesbian rights, affirmative action, welfare, organized labor, and taxes of any kind. These are “God, Family, and Flag” folks politically dominated by rural, conservative, white, Fundamentalist Christian populations. Retro America is not the land of co-habiting, unmarried, hetero, or same-sex couples, or of the young seeking cultural excitement in the large Metro cities.
It is to laugh. The US is a Christian nation with a secular government. Just like Turkey and Indonesia are Mulsim nations with secular governments. The retrovsmetro folks clearly don't understand the difference between Fundamentalist Christians and "mere" evangelicals such as myself.

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